Bournemouth 101

 Essentials things you need in Bournemouth

Hi! Welcome to the first edition of Bournemouth 101. Bournemouth is a great student town where five minutes away to the beach and we have a great beach five minutes away from the town centre. We often say that Bournemouth beach is the English version of Bali. It is in the perfect size where it is not too big or too small, but just about right to have the best of both worlds! Everywhere you need to go is roughly ten minutes journey away from your doorstep.

1) Campus Location

To start off, campus location – Bournemouth University has  two main campuses: Talbot Campus ( and Lansdowne Campus (


BU Lansdowne Campus

BU Talbot Campus

Talbot Campus is located fifteen-minute bus drive from the town centre. This campus is home for all of the undergraduate courses, School of Tourism, both postgrad and undergrad and Bournemouth University’s main library. While Lansdowne Campus or also known as Executive Business Centre (EBC) is for business-related postgraduate courses, only short walk away to the beach and town centre. Nearby, there are other university’s facilities such as 24 hours open access PC lab available for students to use.

2) Weather

Weather is quite an important thing in England. Its unpredictability often sets. In Bournemouth, the weather is warmer than the Northern part of the United Kingdom. But what we all have in common is rain. It rains more often than you think, thus we strongly advise you to have a good quality umbrella that would last under the rain and strong winds – or you can also have waterproof jacket to keep you dry! Secondly, having a weather app on your phone ready would definitely help to predict how the rest of your day is going to be.

During winter (early December to middle February), it is necessary to invest one thick and warm coat along with other winter attire such as gloves and beanie or ear muff to keep your ears not frozen. It can get really cold in January, although we have to say we are lucky down here compare to Scotland. Other than that, Spring time may get a little bit windy. A good jacket would always be helpful to keep you safe from English wind. And you would love summer here where you would get fair amount of warm sunshine perfect for picnic on the beach!

3) Transportation

Bournemouth’s main transportation is bus. As we have said above, this town is mainly accessible with bus, that has good reputation of its reliability and safety. Firstly, Yellow Bus (( This company covers larger scale of area in Bournemouth, with more buses that operates daily. Hence, the ticket price for one way or single trip is more expensive.

Yellow Bus

Secondly, More Bus (, but we also called this Blue Bus because yes, we love to differ them with colors as they have buses with the color of blue. Simple. More Bus has smaller scale of area that they cover but they offer student discounts as well as partnered with University buses (U1, U2, U3, U4). University buses runs through the main Student Accommodation and campuses – however, they do not run on the weekend. Both of their timetables are available online that is just one click away on your mobile phone. Bus number 6 goes to Talbot Campus from town centre, while most of buses (both Yellow and Blue Bus) pass Lansdowne road where the Executive Business Centre located. So, wherever you are in Bournemouth, transportation is easy, safe and reliable.


More Bus


Also, if you like to cycle, there are secondhand bike shops in Charminster where you can get a real good deal for bikes!

To travel outside Bournemouth, there are two options of transportations that you can choose to take you around the UK: train or coach. Coach, or also known as bus, has cheaper price but takes longer journey. The main coach company here is National Express. While Southwest Train, will definitely get you faster to your destination but would cost slightly more than by coach. Nevertheless, there are ways to save up money by not only book the ticket early before your departure date but also sign yourself up for Young Persons Coach Card ( or Rail Card ( – depending on which mode of transportation you prefer, where you can have discounts for your trip fare!

4) Food

Now, let’s talk about food. For some of you that likes to cook for yourself, there are two main supermarkets for your big monthly shopping, ASDA and Lidl. They both have low price. ASDA only have one branch next to the Coach station. Lidl has two – Old Christchurch Road in town centre, or Winton High Street. While for emergencies or small things for your daily supply, Tesco is a very convenient store to go to. You can find it in most of the main streets in Bournemouth, and they open till 11 pm everyday!

ASDA Bournemouth

ASDA Bournemouth


Or else, you can always get a take away 😉

Oh, and don’t you worry if you are craving for a little taste of Asia, in Bournemouth there are shops that sold Asian ingredients or anything that is Asian food-related all the way from Korea, Thailand, China and of course, Indonesia. They have Sambal Pedas Manis or Kecap ABC, and what we all need and cannot get enough of, Indomie. So, you don’t have to pack dozens of those instant noodles from Indonesia that might take up some space in your luggage, ’cause we do have it here, too. Two of the Asian shops are located in Winton High Street next to HSBC Bank and one in Old Christchurch Road, which is closer to town centre.

5) Place of Worship

For Friday prayers, there is a local mosque behind Royal Norfolk Hotel two minutes away from the square.


Bournemouth Islamic Center

Churches are in most of main streets, so it depends which one is the closest to your house. Lansdowne Baptist Church seems the one that most of students go since it is in the area where the student accommodation is.


Written by :

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Alifia Ikrami

Bachelor of Communication and Media

Bournemouth University